Initiation to the 9 Angelic Choirs

Initiation to the 9 Angelic Choirs is a personal growth course created and taught by Gabriela Gomez. You can take the course online with Gabriela or in person at scheduled courses (Events)

With this course you can: use what you have learned for your personal evolution. You will receive a PDF with the course information.

Angels, from the Hebrew melek (מ ל א ך ) means messenger. Angels are heavenly beings who worship God, created by Him to help him in his Creation. These constitute a group of beings governed by a strict hierarchy. At the beginning of the 6th century, it is Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite who, starting from the biblical texts, codified the angelic hierarchies in his treatise De Coelesti Hierarchia (About the Celestial Hierarchy). There he defines nine angelic choirs, distributed in three orders that make up the Celestial Court…

During the course we will study each of the choirs, we will learn what energies they hold and how to use their gifts and attributes for our evolution. You will live a powerful Initiation to the 9 Angelic Choirs, a communion that will change your life because you will never feel alone again, but deeply loved and accompanied.

None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.