Initiation to the 5 New Flames

Initiation to the 5 New Flames is a personal growth course created and taught by Gabriela Gomez. You can take a course online with Gabriela or in person at scheduled courses (Events)

With this course you can: use what you have learned for your personal evolution. You will receive a PDF with the course information.

The flames are cosmic qualities that have their origin in the Great Central Sun. They are the elemental ingredients, the bricks that shape all of Creation. The second evolutionary stage of consciousness is marked by the base 12 = 12 chakras, 12 rays, 12 bodies or planes. The 5 New Flames complete the multidimensional base 12 and correspond to Higher Spiritual realization. From there, a new stage of the evolutionary journey begins in which you cross the border of your Individual Being to merge with ALL that Is

During the course we will study the 5 New Cosmic Flames; we will learn to invoke them and use their gifts and attributes for our evolution. We will experience powerful initiations to each of the 5 Flames to receive their love, power and blessing.

None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.

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