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DNA Activation by Singing®

DNA Activation by Singing® is a personal growth course created and taught by Gabriela Gomez. You can take the online course with Gabriela (Online Courses)  or in person in the scheduled courses (Events)

With it you can: use what you have learned for your personal evolution (you will not be able to give sessions or teach the technique) You will receive a protocol and a CD for personal work

Art, Science and Espirituality
Humanity as a Choir

I have more than 30 years professional experience as a singer, composer and choir director. My work as a choir director has taught me to see humanity as a choir. A choir is a set of individuals with different ideas, political convictions, and religions which unite towards an aim beyond them. My message is a message of Hope. Because of my widespread choral experience I know that any choir is capable of singing. Today humanity is coming into harmony with itself and each person realises themself with their individual fundamental frequency, thereby creating Unity in Diversity. 

The New Energy

In 1987, when the Harmonic Convergence, humanity’s group consciousness was consulted as to the future of the planet, there were at least two possibilities: one was moving towards what many clairvoyants had predicted for the year 2000: the Armageddon or destruction of the planet. Another was a change in paradigm and the commencement of a new era for Humanity. Together we chose the latter and the passing of the torch began to anchor New Energy on the planet—energy of unity and universality.

The New Energy instigated the birth of a New Earth.  How? By changing the Cosmic Lattice. The cosmic lattice is a network of communication with human DNA. It was created with this purpose by ourselves, well before we populated the earth. The balance between light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness) of the lattice was radically altered so that our DNA receives masterly energy. The energy body of the planet transformed to sustain more consciousness and with this the New or Universal Human began to be born—aware of their spiritual and universal origin.

The New or Universal Human in turn needed to modify and boost their energy anatomy as bearing more than your own light is equivalent to an energy increase of 110 W to 220 W. The New Human was given an Individual Lattice that is currently evolving and continues to grow as we are capable of sustaining more light.

Communication was re-established between man and the universe and the possibility of recovering our memories and our power are today available to anyone who chooses this.

The Seminar DNA Activation by Singing® arose as a path towards taking control of your interior self. Given that all material, including the body and DNA, is comprised of atoms, we are all multidimensional beings. There is a physical layer called the Human Genome that contains biological memories and other interdimensional DNA levels or layers that contain spiritual memories of our divine essence. In total, 12 layers, 12 levels, 12 doors towards the inside of our being waiting to be awakened.

The 12 DNA layers contain different types of information on your completeness: layer 1 or Human Genome contains your biological inheritance, layer 2 is the layer of emotions and self assessment that contains information on your life plan or mission, layer 3 is the layer of Activation and Ascension, layers 4 and 5 contain characteristics of your Divine Essence, layer 6 is the connection between your human consciousness with your Higher Self, layers 7, 8 and 9 are Lemurian layers. Layer 9 is also the Fire of Shekinah, which puts your genes in contact with universal laws, giving rise to a new beginning written in layers 10, 11, and 12—the layers of God.

Singing the Divine Names lights up your Mercabah

DNA is the focal point between our physical body and our light body or Mercabah. As we activate layers an energy field is created which is our essential reality: the vehicle we had before the Earth experience and the one we will have when we leave the planet. For the new energy activating DNA is actually turning on engines -in incarnation- of this light vehicle which contains us as in essence we are a colour, a geometry and a sound.

Each DNA layer corresponds, with regard to vibrations, to a Hebrew Divine Name. These names have existed in the Kabalah for millenia.

Music and quantum communication

Music creates unity because it is a universal language. Music conveys truth because it originates beyond the mind. Music expresses love because it arises from the depths of the heart…

My channel is a “musical channel”. I have received specific frequencies that act on the pineal gland which, because of their quantum connection, have the power of “resonating” with each layer, remind you of its melody and therefore “awakening” it so that primordial DNA sings its song again.

Activating your multidimensional DNA will awaken in you the recollection of your cosmic journey, the enormous journey that you have been undergoing for such a long time and that prepared you for this life, the most important and relevant life you have ever had. The life in which you awaken from a very long period of lethargy and in which you merge part of your multidimensional being into other aspects, other lives to create today the New Jerusalem: Peace on Earth.

Singing DNA layers will have an in depth effect on your being. You will recall your home, your mission as a light warrior, sown on this planet to create the essential civilisation called Lemuria. You will understand why your soul looks out towards heaven, towards the Pleyades and what role they played and play today in relation to your genetics. You will feel the vibrational power of Hebrew letters during an entire day singing because this language originally came from the Lemurian era—a language of light and thought forms emanating from the heart of the Supreme Creator…

Quantum Thought

Newton’s physics described the universe as blocks of energy separated between themselves and with no communication between them, where time and space are absolute. In 1905 Albert Einstein set out in his Theory of General Relativity that time and space are relative and added that the universe exists independently of ourselves and therefore we have no influence over it. In 1944 Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, gave a revolutionary speech where he said that “matter as such does not exist”, but rather an energy field, a quantum space of matter and that “reality” is moulded and modified by the observer’s consciousness. The change in paradigm is transcendental: it positions man as the joint creator of the universe with the power and responsibility to change his life and that of the planet.

Today, scientific thought is seeking a unified theory of physics. String theory arose with this intention, postulating that the universe is comprised of miniscule particles or vibrating strings that explain both the quantum world and daily life. In the avant-garde of comprehension of the origin of life and beyond the infinitely small, higher physics is seeking the intangible, supposing the existence of subtle dimensions, looking at what cannot be seen: the dark matter or divine matrix; the energy support of everything.

The Divine Matrix joins everything together and to the universe. We are the creators that experience and mould reality because we are consciousness.

Quantum physics experiments show that particles are modified by consciousness and we are the sources of that consciousness.

Quantum Healing

From our incursions into the subject we have experienced divisions for aeons. We divide into thousands of parts, thousands of portions of consciousness. We did so out of love, experienced by and on behalf of the Supreme Creator. Today, these multidimensional parts of our being are coming together again, recovering unity, totality.

What is disease? Cells which are “out of tune”. This is the absence of information or communication within a given system: information on cells’ own function does not reach diseased cells within the body which activates biochemical signals that create pathological lesions. What causes disease?: there are hereditary, genetic reasons, environmental impacts on the electromagnetic field, solar radiation, karmic or contractual reasons. In New Energy everything can change when we remember how to mould the divine matrix, because we are creators: our DNA is sensitive to intention and consciousness of the enlightened human being and responds to this immediately.

Time and space are in a quantum state, that is, everything I was, am and will be is found within my energy field. Quantum healing consists of replacing frequencies. For example, if at the present moment I have contracted a disease, the frequency I had when I was healthy still remains in my energy field: I can ask my Higher SELF to search for this frequency in my vibratory memories and replace it for the present one, thereby restoring my health.

The seminar DNA Activation by Singing® is a Personal Growth seminar whose intention is to commence the process of change that will help to sustain and support you with your own light by remembering Who you Really Are and honouring your presence during incarnation. During the Seminar you will receive scientific and spiritual information on DNA, you will learn about the power of Hebrew letters and conscious use of sound.

Supporting material for the participant

CD containing the activation frequencies for personal work


November 28 and 29 – DNA Activation by Singing® in Mexico DF, Mexico

August 15 – Activation of DNA by Singing® in Almería, Spain

None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.