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Unitary Reiki®, the Reiki of Sound®

Unitary Reiki ® the Reiki of SOUND® is a technique taught by Gabriela Gomez.

You can:

1/Receive the sessions in person or at a distance (Private Sessions)  and live a powerful process of personal transformation

2/Take the training; in person in the programmed courses (Events)  You will become a Master Teacher being able to give individual Reiki sessions and teach the technique to others. You will receive 2 manuals and 2 certificates.


Reiki is a very ancient healing art based on channelling and transmission of universal energy also called source, light, bioenergy, Prana, Chi or simply “God”, by means of the laying on of hands. Saint Germain was one of the masters who injected Reiki energy onto our planet in The Times of Lemuria and Atlantis with the intention of giving humanity:

“ A system of achieving oneself, a way to recover inner power by connecting to the source by means of the presence of I AM”.

This energy was hidden for years until it was rediscovered by Japan-born Mikao Usui at the beginning of the 20th-century. Usui conceived a series of “initiations” (openings) and a set of symbols by means of which this energy flows and acts. Over the years and as the level of vibrations from the planet has increased, other types of Reiki have arisen such as Karuna Reiki or Multidimensional Shamballa Reiki, among others, with the intention of providing new healing symbols and tools more in accordance with the current level of vibration and current energy and spiritual problems.


Unitary Reiki® was created in France by Selene and Cyrille Odon in 2002 at the express request of the spiritual hierarchies who considered it necessary to prepare a technique in total harmony both with the planet’s vibration and the fundaments of a new consciousness where everything and everybody works to return to UNITY. This request was made during a channelling session in November 2001 and was expressed as follows:

“…by means of the reiki teaching I ask you to transmit this does not involve creating a new “school”. Reiki is what binds us together, not what divides us. It is fundamental to rediscover the mode of healing I gave humanity in a unitary way, as Reiki means universal energy of life. When you are asked what type of reiki you perform, I hope you say that you propose a type of reiki which is a condensed form of different techniques and symbols which represents the not only possible but necessary joint existence of certain practices by recognising and mentioning them…”

Unitary Reiki® therefore arose from the union of the Usui tradition, from Reiki Karuna, the most ancient techniques received from Lemuria and Atlantis transmitted today by the multidimensional Shamballa Reiki, plus the Unitary symbols. Unitary Reiki® respects and recognises the different temporal dimensions of this technique by integrating them together and providing a unitary energy package, a complete whole in order to work on the new vibration.


It is called Unitary because it unifies different techniques so that the beginner has all the tools they need to know about Reiki necessary for Now.

It is also called Unitary because introductions last only 3 days with no levels subsequently which makes training more expensive and complicated. During the 3 days the beginner will receive masterly energy which will be integrated over 3 months. Following 3 months integration there will be a supervision workshop that will close the circle of Unitary training.

It is also Unitary in its way of working energetically: starting from the premise that we are all geometry, colour, and sound; in a Unitary Reiki® session not only do we draw and visualise symbols but we also sing them. Sound is used consciously to give more power and depth to healing.


Selene ODON is a doctor and sophrologist; Cyrille ODON is a lecturer, writer, and psychologist with 30 years clinical experience. Both are energy therapists. They are Reiki Usui and Multidimensional Shamballa Reiki teachers. Their lifelong contact with spiritual hierarchies led them at the express request of these to create a reiki they called Unitary.

They have published more than 10 books in France; Indigos, esos seres tan diferentes was the first book published in Spanish (distributed by Alfa and Omega).


What is “old” and “new” about it?

As in traditional reiki, Unitary Reiki® also channels energy by means of the laying on of hands and uses symbols to direct this energy.


It offers the beginner a series of 25 symbols which belong to different evolutionary moments of reiki.


The Mastery training is performed over 3 days. The training is aimed at people who are someway along their life path and have a strong undertaking with progression.

Unitary Reiki® makes a special emphasis on the process of earth-heaven alignment, activation of the Central Energy Canal, and connection to the source:

In order to channel superior energies it is essential to perform an alignment process and connection to the source. We propose a series of simple exercises that help us to purify the channel so that we can receive -in a balanced way- the powerful energies which are irradiated in the planet today.


In order to work in expansion and in a multidimensional manner we need to go beyond the physical body, towards the light body or spiritual vehicle. The Mercabah or light body is a geometry, a colour, and a sound. It is the body we had before coming to the planet and in which we will leave the planet. Unitary Reiki® works on activation of the individual and group Mercabah fields, giving more depth to healing and awakening us to the evidence of our universal and spiritual origin.


New Energy gives us the possibility of recovering our power by activating spiritual memories contained in the interdimensional DNA layers; in total 12 layers: The first is the Human Genome, which contains biological information on yourself. The 11 remaining layers are vibratory and contain spiritual information on yourself which is essential in the process of ascension.


In New Energy where the power of the Logos has taken a priority place in the joint creation of reality, we will activate laryngeal chakra considering it as a 3rd “meridian of the heart.” Not only your hands will irradiate light from your heart: your words and your singing will become deeply healing.


Cosmic evolution is considered as the dynamic expression of the succession of different atomic structures from the “primordial atom”. The atom is the smallest part of matter that can be combined. The atomic nucleus is comprised of protons and neutrons around which electrons rotate. Atoms in turn group together and create molecules and molecules bind and create cells that make up our biology. The movement of these particles generates a vibration, a sound: the resonant weaving created by music of different elementary particles generates our fundamental vibration or tone that is part of our energetic identity. Sound supports all of life because all life vibrates: from macrosomes made up of galaxies and planets to the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdom to microsomes represented by the human cellular body although we may have forgotten it…

By means of Unitary Reiki®, the Reiki of Sound®, we can unify our human octave frequency with the highest frequency of our being called Superior Self. This frequency is a key that will activate memories of the perfect hologram, life plan or programme: everything is there, inside you, waiting for you. The journey by means of your sonorous universe will also lead you to “dark” places that make you “afraid”: Unitary Reiki®, the Reiki of Sound® will help you to associate sound with your trauma to leave it to continue singing…


Symbols are self-aware and work according to the evolutionary level of each person. In addition to work on transmutation, healing, and harmonisation of the system of chakras and alignment of subtle bodies, the new symbols will work on the Mercabah field at the deepest level of your multidimensional being. They serve to:

-Transmutate self and regressive implants acquired in this dimension or in other dimensions.

-Activate “Shekinah” energy inside us: the divine female, the goddess, the universal mother.

-Cleanse our inferior bodies of larvae and parasites.

-Release subhuman energies.

-There are 2 symbols of spiritual surgery to release us from malignant energies which have settled in our inferior bodies.

-Help to work on profound traumas from this life or past lives that lead us today to states of addiction, dependence, and self-destruction.

-Heal our DNA by means of time and reprogrammed space by activating the 12 layers and restoring divine energy patterns of each being.

-Help us to transmit feelings of separation and disintegration of “not being worthy”, “not being up to the circumstances”, and reconnecting us with our superior self, with the source of love and life within ourselves and around us.

-Work in a multidimensional manner by helping us to recall our divine plan or purpose of this incarnation.

-Treat problems of hyperactivity and lack of concentration with specific symbols in beings known as indigos.

-Perform karmic release with a specific symbol.

-Purify and recode our cells with a symbol called “immortality”, thereby rejuvenating them. Revive our divine mother cell.

-Helps us to recall not only what our life plan is but also why we have been on this earth for the 80 to 120 average lives that beings spend on the planet.

-Il y a un symbole d’immortalité qui décode nos cellules et active notre Cellule Mère Divine.

-Denote environmental pollution with a symbol.

-Activate happiness with a symbol.


Performed over 3 work days. There are 4 Initiations to 25 Reiki symbols: 5 from Reiki Usui, 2 from Reiki Karuna, 8 from Multidimensional Shamballa Reiki, and 10 Unitary symbols.

Following the 3 day, a Unitary Reiki® Professional diploma will be awarded in addition to the first part of the Unitary Reiki® manual.

Following 3 months work experience a supervision day takes place after which the Unitary Reiki® Teacher diploma and the second part of the Unitary Reiki® manual is received.

Supporting Material for Professionals and Masters

Manual and Professional Diploma

Manual and Master Diploma


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None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.