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Gabriela Gómez

Gabriela Gómez Fotografía

In this incarnation, my soul chose music as my life expression, I followed my passion and I was lead to study music to become a professional singer of baroque music, choir director and composer. During many years, I had a “normal” life as musician until my consciousness opened and I had a spiritual awakening. Due to this opening, I understood why I had spent 25 years of my life as a musician. In reality, I was “preparing” myself for what was to come; I was learning to master the musical tools to be able to use them to help evolve consciousness. Out of the two parts of my passion: music and evolution, were born my workshops and teachings, that hold the primary intention to become conscious of Who we are in reality.

I am often asked, how do I receive the information that I use in my work and I explain that my channel is a musical channel, which enables me to receive non audible frequencies, subtle, and I translate them into simple melodies that all can sing. I call them conductor frequencies of consciousness because they function like powerful evolutionary catalyzers.

Solar Body Activation®, brings us a profound understanding of our universal and spiritual origin and the teaching of the Mastery of Unitary Reiki, the Reiki of Sound®, brings us a powerful tool to use the voice as a vibrational expression of our divinity.

If you have come to me, it is most probably because your soul is showing you the path of music as an important door to your evolution. I hope to have the joy to sing with you and bring a small contribution to your path. With love, Gabriela.

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