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In this incarnation my soul chose music as an expression of life. Following my passion I became a professional baroque singer, choir director and composer. For many years I lived a “normal” life until one day I had a spiritual awakening and began to walk the path of consciousness. It was then that I understood why I had spent more than 25 years dedicated to music. I was actually “preparing” myself for what was to come years later; I was mastering the music tool so that I could use it as a tool of evolution and elevation. From these two spheres: music and evolution, my courses and trainings were born; to help us remember Who We Really Are. 

My channel is a “music channel” where I take in subtle, inaudible frequencies and turn them into simple melodies that everyone can sing.

The New Energy has taken us to the point of no return where we reached the limit of what the physics of this dimension could do, then we are “getting out” of it: we are becoming quantum. The next step is not the 5th dimension, but a quantum whole. The challenge for the Human today is to build a bridge to reintegrate our natural state: multidimensionality.

That bridge is SOUND. Music is a quantum language that sounds and resonates in all dimensions allowing communication and exchange of attributes between them.

If you came to me, it is undoubtedly because your soul is showing you the path of sound for your evolution. I wait for you with an open heart! Gabriela.

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