June 22 and 23- PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION® in Lyon (France)

June 22, 2019

August 3 and 4- PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION® Buenos Aires (Argentina)

August 3, 2019

October 26 and 27 – PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION® in Hamburg (Germany)

October 26, 2019

October 26 and 27 – PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION® in Zihuatanejo (Guerrero), México

December 7, 2019

Private Sessions with Gabriela

Gabriela Gomez is a musician, professional singer and composer. Her life journey has brought her from the world of music to the
world of vibratory healing. She created the seminars; DNA Activation by Singing®, Solar Body Activation® and the training courses: Quantum DNA Technique®, Pineal Gland Activation, Quantum Biology® and Solar Being Awakening®. She is also Unitary Reiki, the Reiki of SOUND® Master Teacher