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Quantum DNA Technique®

Quantum DNA Technique® is a technique created and taught by Gabriela Gomez. With it you can:

1/ Receive the sessions in person or by Skype (Private Sessions) and live a powerful process of personal transformation through the 4 protocols of the technique.

2/ Take the training online in private with Gabriela (Online Courses) or in person in the scheduled courses (Events) and become a practitioner by offering individual sessions to your consultants (you will not be able to teach the technique) You will receive scientific and spiritual information about DNA plus a Manual, a CD and a practitioner certificate.

During the time of high Lemuria we had discovered how to heal, by preserving health and longevity. This technique was used in the Rejuvenation Temple, it consisted of the use of a model or emitter that had a 100% activated divine DNA design and a subject or receptor that was in need of being recalibrated.

This was possible due to the quantum entanglement that was created during the dialog between the two magnetic fields. How is this possible? Because the DNA is both an emitter and a receptor. It has being designed as a source of information that can perceive and receive the surrounding energy. If the energy created by humanity is low, the DNA will aligned itself with this low energy, but if high energy is around DNA it will recalibrate to match this frequency.

Most of humanity still believes that we are only the 3% of the human genome decoded by science in 2003. The 97% left, the quantum portion, is completely ignored. As the DNA responds to human consciousness, the stem cells can only use this 3% in the cell replication processes. The quantum portion of the DNA had been asleep for millions of years. The good news, is that today, the planet is receiving a new energy; we are going into the Quantum Era. This energy is creation in essence and its only use is to sustain life. As the DNA has been receiving the Earth’s imprint, it has begun to revitalize the replication processes in order to awaken the whole quantum instructions that are intrinsic to its biology.

Quantum DNA Technique® is the evolution of the Lemurian healing principles in the New Energy. ¿The key? We use the most powerful and fun human Quantum Conductor®: music. The conscious use of sound, of some frequencies, will create a wave entanglement -a quantum bridge- that will allow the energy transfer (attributes) between the Divine DNA Design and the3D DNA. This will project a third energy: the DNA Quantum Field®. The quantum tools and attributes reside in this field and are available. This is the “recipe” with which we were created. A multidimensional communication system exists in the body, whose physical support is the pineal gland, it is the bridge to the Presence I Am.  To connect the chemistry 3D, the linear part, with the DNA intelligent body, the multidimensional part together with the human consciousness,  increases the efficiency and the coherence of the  DNA.

Quantum DNA Technique®

presents a protocol that the cells can understand as they were

designed to “resonate” when they hear the truth. They recognize it. What does it means to activate the DNA? It means to increase the ability to communicate with the cells. The DNA is within each cell. Its mission is to listen to the human consciousness in order to be able to tell the cells what to do. If we tell it what we want, it activates and gives the cells proper instructions. Within the information

that we give to it resides the true key for the healing of the human body. Music directed by consciousness creates the state of quantic entanglement that reveals our wholeness. What is ascension? To ascend means to become multidimensional beings. We can achieve this through the activation of the DNA Quantum Field®.

Quantum Conductor supporting material

Material para el Conductor Cuántico
  • CD containing 12 frequencies of Quantum DNA Activation
  • Quantum DNA Technique® manual
  • Profesional Certificate


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None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.