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Gabriela Gomez offers private sessions of Quantum DNA Technique®, de Pineal Gland Activation®, Quantum Biology®Unitary Reiki® , Reiki of Sound®

“My 30 years of experience as professional musician and music therapist has brought me to study and experiment the impact of sound and frequencies on our biology. My focal point has always been the use of the sound as a tool for healing and conscience elevation. All my creations have the goal to help us understand Who We Really Are.  The stem cells, responsible of this process”

Quantum DNA Technique®

Until 1987 the energy of this plant stayed very static. As the DNA receives the imprint of the energy of the planet, the DNA also stayed very static. The New Energy is now shifting the frequency of the planet, activating the DNA, which enables a change of the cellular replication process. The stem cells, responsible of this process, can now be used as amodel to replicate the divine DNA design, the “recipe of God” with which we have been created.

Quantum DNA Technique® is a technic of the New Energy which holds the intention to help us in the reintegration process of our multidimensionality

Quantum DNA Technique® proposes 4 very powerful and transformative protocols that will active the 12 layers of the DNA and liberate the information that they contain.

The body, in its original design, has been provided with a up-market devices that need a certain vibration to shift. This devices are for example the capacity of auto diagnose and auto healing, the capacity to rejuvenate, the capacity of regeneration, the capacity to capture and understand the multidimensionality.

These protocols don’t take place on a massage table, but on chairs, facing each other, where the energy field of the conductor will connect with the one receiving. Le receptor is not passive, but participates actively in the energetic sequence, making affirmations and singing with us, completely engaged in the process.

We will use the intention, with precise instructions, and the sound, that will act as the quantic conductor of energy. The music is a quantum tool because it exists in all dimensions, goes through them and creates a bridge that interconnects, allowing the exchange of attributes from one to the other.  It is able to connect the 3D DNA with the multidimensional DNAIt is not necessary to be a singer or a musician to access to this energy.

The results that I have observed, in all cases, are: an anchoring in the NOW, balancing of polarities, a profound connection with our center, where we can sens our Presence I Am. In this connection, we understand Who we are, Why we are here and What were a capable of.

The vital energy will increase, as well as your focus and your internal power. On a biological level, the technic works where the body “sings wrong” on an emotional and mental level, this is a powerful catalyzer that unblocks that which could stop your progress and on a spiritual level, it helps give birth to a new consciousness of ourselves and of the Universe, that guides us towards the realization of our being.


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Pineal Gland Activation®

Pineal Gland Activation® is a technic of the New Energy, that holds as goal to connect our 3D brain, our linear part that manages the logic, memory, calculation and intellect, with the pineal gland and the pineal circuitry, up-market devises that manage the opening of the portal to our quantum self.

What part of us is on the other side of the veil? The Presence I am, the Akashic records, the inner knowledge of the body, all potentials.

To connect with them, we need to go through 3 phases:

– Opening of the pineal gland: it is the first protocol, that will provide the intention to place your brain in a state of receptivity

– Activation of the pineal gland: it is the 2ndprotocol, that will start the process, preparing for the calibration

– Calibration of the pineal gland: it is the 3rdprotocol, that holds the objective to calibrate, adjust the pineal gland to the frequency of the Presence I Am

How does the inner knowledge of the body « speak »? Its language is fleeting: it comes and goes. It is the “intuitive” intelligence, “conceptual”, it is very different to the brain, that is rational and logic. The inner is transmitting all the time, but if we are not syntonized, the information does not come to our brain and our consciousness cannot use it.

How does the  Akashic wisdom « speak »? Its language is elusive, because it does not give us the “memory” of our past lives, it does not give us “facts”, but communicates through emotional concepts.

The true healing comes when we are able to work together with the inner: what comes from and the Akashic system, what has been gained in our past lives. This is how we can create the potentials futures.

The DNA provides new information, but if we are attached to our old beliefs, we cannot syntonize with it. The body is ready for the ascension, but is our human consciousness ready? We need a new point of view, a more mature look, and a lot of practice!

Pineal Gland Activation® opens the pineal gland, and in doing so, the pineal gland clears and cleanses the human filters, the beliefs that do not allow us to move forward.

The results that I have observed, are a big increasing of the connection to our interior divinity, an increase of clarity, of discernment, an interior vision. The beginning of the consciousness of  Who we are and what is our Plan in this incarnation is than bigger, the consciousness of our emotions and thoughts that enable us to move forward. This technic increases the subtle communication with the guides and the family of light and through this technic, we will be in more joy, harmony and creativity.


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Quantum Biology®

Why does the body age? 

Because the cells don’t receive enough light. The body, in the way it was originally designed, was conceived to live hundreds of years. It possesses biological-spiritual devices to rejuvenate and regenerate forever. Since it does not receive enough light, the cell replication process starts to malfunction, so mutations and errors occur in cell replication and when a sick cell reproduces, it also breeds disease.

Why does light not reach the cells?

Because the lower bodies densified. The memories of all the thoughts, feelings, words and actions are encoded in what we call the subtle bodies. With the misuse of energy life after life, the memories overloaded these bodies so much that the light can no longer enter them and as it no longer enters, the cells do not receive the energy they need to function well.

What is the natural light source of the Divine Human?

The inexhaustible source of personal energy is the I Am Presence. If we want to stay young, healthy and strong we have to connect to it, for it to supply us. Most humans deplete their physical body because they do not understand that the energy source is the I Am and not the biology. The physical is supported by the Presence. Its energy accelerates the vibration of electrons that elevate our vibrational frequency by attracting light through all the bodies until reaching the physical.

Quantum biology® Cell Rejuvenation Protocol helps to become aware of the relationship between the state of our energy body and our health. Through a powerful and transforming protocol we will reactivate the connection to the Source of Personal Energy that is the I Am Presence, which will activate the superluminal body, accelerate the electrons and allow the light to start nourishing the biology again.

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Reiki Unitary®, the Reiki of SOUND®

Reiki Unitary®, is a technic of the New Energy which holds the intention of balancing the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies

The sessions are done on a massage table, following a specific protocol, where the healing tools is singing. The symbols are sung on an energetic field. Why sing? Because we are sound. Matter is composed of elementary particles: atoms, neutrons, protons, electrons that vibrate and produce a frequency. These particles compose molecules, and the molecules compose cells, the cells compose organs. We vibrate from the most smallest part of our being, that is why the use of certain sounds on the energetic field are so powerful, because they come in an instant to the essence of who we are, bringing balance where there is disharmony, giving energy where needed in the body.

The results that I have experiences are: karmic liberation, increasing of vital energy, increasing of joy, will and clarity. This will provoke big changes in all the spheres of your life. The clients love the songs and feel that they are cradled.

Come and experience this extraordinary energy! You will feel new and you will leave the session with the needed force to put in place all the changments you need in your life.


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Private Sessions with Gabriela

None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.

Gabriela Gomez is a musician, professional singer and composer. Her life journey has brought her from the world of music to the
world of vibratory healing. She created the seminars; DNA Activation by Singing®, Solar Body Activation® and Chanting the Hebrew Letters and the training courses: Quantum DNA Technique®, Pineal Gland Activation, Quantum Biology® and Solar Being Awakening®. She is also Unitary Reiki, the Reiki of SOUND® Master Teacher