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Chanting the Hebrew Letters is a personal growth course created and taught by Gabriela Gomez.

With it you can use what you have learned for your personal evolution (you will not be able to give sessions or teach what you have learned)

Before the Universe existed, languages -as we know them today- did not exist. There was a communication of light conveyed by the thought-forms of the Creator.

When He decide to give birth to the Universe to experience the extent of His Being, those thought forms materialize and incarnate in an alphabet of light: The Hebrew Letters. Bearing a consciousness, powers and potencies of high vibration, the letters were used to shape the Divine Creation.

Each Hebrew letter is endowed with gifts and attributes. They are like “angels” to which we can invoke through frequencies to receive their energies.

“Chanting the Hebrew Letters” will allow you to know, feel and love these letters emanating from the heart of the Creator. It will also teach you to invoke them to free yourself, balance yourself, elevate yourself and co-create your Life.

Were you a silenced child? Is it still hard for you to express yourself? There is nothing more powerful and liberating than singing to heal those blocked emotions in your cell memories. I propose a weekend devoted to freeing your heart, discovering the immense pleasure of singing together and integrating into your body and soul the magical energies of the Hebrew Letters.

None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.