Divine Axis®

Divine Axis® is a professional training created and taught by Gabriela Gomez. You can:

1/ Receive a sessions online (Private Sessions) or in person and experience a powerful process of personal transformation
2/ Take a training online in private with Gabriela (Online Courses) or in person at scheduled courses (Events) and become a practitioner. You will receive a manual, a CD and a practitioner certificate.

Divine Axis® is a technique to find and strengthen our center. There is in the energetic anatomy a circuit of energy that I call the Divine Axis that allows us to find our center of gravity and establish a solid energetic platform from which to move forward. If your emotions are a seesaw, if sometimes you feel touching the sky with your hands and other times falling into the abyss, it is because you have not found that Axis…

Supporting material

  • Manual
  • Certificate

None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.


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