Quantum Thought

Newton’s physics described the universe as blocks of energy separated between themselves and with no communication between them, where time and space are absolute. In 1905 Albert Einstein set out in his Theory of General Relativity that time and space are relative and added that the universe exists independently of ourselves and therefore we have no influence over it. In 1944 Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, gave a revolutionary speech where he said that “matter as such does not exist”, but rather an energy field, a quantum space of matter and that “reality” is moulded and modified by the observer’s consciousness. The change in paradigm is transcendental: it positions man as the joint creator of the universe with the power and responsibility to change his life and that of the planet.

Today, scientific thought is seeking a unified theory of physics. String theory arose with this intention, postulating that the universe is comprised of miniscule particles or vibrating strings that explain both the quantum world and daily life. In the avant-garde of comprehension of the origin of life and beyond the infinitely small, higher physics is seeking the intangible, supposing the existence of subtle dimensions, looking at what cannot be seen: the dark matter or divine matrix; the energy support of everything.

The Divine Matrix joins everything together and to the universe. We are the creators that experience and mould reality because we are consciousness.

Quantum physics experiments show that particles are modified by consciousness and we are the sources of that consciousness.

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