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Sing to DNA and remember Who You Are I

Technically DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid that resides in the cell nucleus. Its function is to store inherited biological programmes: physical characteristics, capacities, intellectual, and psychological aptitudes. It takes the form of a double helix wrapped around itself like a telephone cable. It was discovered in 1953 by Watson and Crick. Recently in 2003 the human genome was decoded or ratheronly 3% of it as the remaining 97%, that does not produce proteins, was denominated “scrap” and considered unusable.

As lightworkers dedicated to the study of DNA we know that the interdimensional connection with your spiritual DNA occurs within this 97% of “latent” DNA. “Spiritual” DNA stores your universal inheritance: your astrological pattern or “route map”, your lessons learned from life, your contract, your karma, your votes, your implants, your mentors, your life memories on this earth, the memories of your cosmic journey, your angelic inheritance, your divinity…

I have been working and experimenting with vibratory therapies for years, always seeking the tonal or vibrational keys that the human being requires to activate their gifts. We are sound right down to the smallest entity of our being. We are atoms, molecules and cells that vibrate. Our entire biological make up vibrates. This vibration creates your unique resonance and you communicate with the universe with this resonance by emitting and receiving frequencies. “Spiritual” DNA is vibrational and is comprised of the 12 layers that create a resonant fabric. Layer 1 is the physical DNA helix or human genome followed by another 11 interdimensional layers waiting patiently for you to remember them, activate them and use them to evolve.

Each DNA layer is associated with a pineal frequencie, a sound that functions as an activator. When we work consciously with these sounds, the spiritual alchemy commences and our human consciousness resonates with our “superior vibrations” or Higher Self which produces an exchange of energy and information between both. Awakening this information is the key to ascension, the key to mastery because you release your potential by activating it; you appear in your full splendour and power…and this is what Heaven expects from you… that you take control of yourself, show yourself in your true colours and irradiate your love vibration to the universe.

“Divinity is found inside you, in your DNA. The only difference between yourselves and the Grand Masters who walked on the planet is that their DNA was activated.” This is the message of the New Energy.

My work as a sound lecturer has been aimed at combining Hebrew names with the pineal frequencies corresponding to each DNA layer. For some time I have been working with this frequencies helping many people remember who they really are. Singing the Hebrew names of your DNA with its corresponding pineal frequencie is very powerful and transforming as we are all sounds and sound is the most direct and quick way of arriving at the essence of our cellular consciousness. Our DNA emits a melody that is our harmonic signature in the universe by which we are known and identified. Humanity has been out of tune with the cosmos for thousands of years. Our mission is to reestablish the frequency of love in us to irradiate it to all human beings and we do this by means of activating our DNA. Currently, the frequency is being reharmonised because there is an increase in electrical and electromagnetic impulses which provides more light and facilitates access to superior dimensions by means of harmonics.

What happens when you activate your DNA?

What causes disease? There are hereditary, genetic reasons, environmental impacts on the electromagnetic field, solar radiation, karmic or contractual reasons. In New Energy everything can change. There is a genetic programme comparable with a computer program. DNA codes information, RNA transcribes it and translates it into a series of orders that builds the amino-acid sequence. We communicate with cellular consciousness at the DNA level to restore essential energy patterns by means of intention, the conscious use of sound on the electromagnetic field.

The 12 layers of DNA contain different types of information on your whole being. Layer 1 or Human Genome, as we said earlier, stores your biological inheritance, layer 2 is the emotional layer that stores information on your life plan, layer 3 is the layer for activation and ascension, layers 4 and 5 store the characteristics of your divine essence, layer 6 is the connection to your Higher Self, layers 7, 8 and 9 are the Lemurian layers, layer 9 is the liberation by fire of Shekina, a catalytic layer that gives rise to a new beginning written in layers 10, 11 and 12, the layers of God.

In a Seminar on DNA Activation by Singing© you will receive scientific and spiritual information on DNA, learn about the power of Hebrew letters, the conscious use of sound, and you will experience an afternoon of singing and music that will bring joy to your soul.

Singing to your own cellular consciousness is one of the most powerful experiences that currently exists. People have begun to recall their magnificence, they have had experiences with their mentors and transformed their reality. If you are ready to take the step to your next evolutionary level and recover your freedom I will just say “see you soon” and leave the Universe to deal with the magic of our encounter.

Created and given by Gabriela Gomez

None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.