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Chanting the Sephirots

Sephirots, in singular sephira, means “emanations”. The sephirots represent the 10 stages of the creative process by which the Creator shaped the different realms, culminating in our finite physical Universe. They are the channels of divine creative force, attributes or manifestations through which the Ein Sof (Infinite) is revealed to Humanity.

The 10 Sephirots (11 with Daath) make up the Cabalistic Tree of Life. It proposes a path of spiritual evolution. I invite you to do it through SOUND. We will vibrate one by one the sephirots so that their energies and attributes descend upon us. This will help us to raise our vibratory and consciousness level and advance our path back to Oneness.

Were you a silenced child? Do you still have difficulty expressing yourself? There is nothing more liberating than chanting to heal the blocked emotions in your cellular memories. I propose a weekend dedicated to liberate your word through singing and to discover the immense pleasure of singing together and to rise up!


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