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Reiki Unitary®, the Reiki of Sound®

Throughout my childhood, I went through different emotional stages of ups and downs, especially during my adolescence. The feeling of not belonging was strongly embedded and so were anxiety states as well as the feeling that my life made no sense, that “life itself” made no sense. Throughout the years I entered the spiritual world and met wonderful Beings who guided me. Gabriela was such a Being. She formed me in Unitary Reiki and also helped me through my healing process and spiritual development. I connected quite fast with her and her technique because I adore music and this reiki was the union, the perfect fusion.

After the initiation I started to treat people and got proof of what reiki could do on my patients, but most of all on me….

In 2008 I suffered from a severe emotional and mental shock that submerged me into a profound depression where I lost my spiritual path. I knew that reiki was a powerful tool but it was only then that I realized what it was capable of doing.

During 2 years I received treatments every day without quitting my own treatments. I was constant and persevered in all faith and the total determination of getting better and heal. Little by little I stopped with the medication and day after day I noticed that the anxiety was diminishing, that sadness was leaving me and so did the other symptoms and I started to feel inside my axis, autonomous, focused, vital, happy. I was cured. From de bottom of my heart, I want to thank the heavens for putting Gabriela on my path and to have received, through her, this tool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Francisco, Madrid, España

End of 2013, my health started to show me that things were not going well. Since I did not take the time to stop working, it deteriorated. During this period, REIKI helped me to continue to function. Traditional medicine did not understand how I could go on with all my activities.

Beginning March 2014, it got worse. End of June 2014, traditional medicine discovered a Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia which attacked my liver cells.

So, I was immediately hospitalized to lower the fever and fight infection. I was given antibiotics for two days. After, chemotherapy treatments started. My wonderful friend Jennifer Ruel is a Unitary Reiki Master. I asked her if she could ask to a few of my friend to perform REIKI on me. Yes, I received REIKI USUI and Unitary REIKI. Every day I received one REIKI treatment before chemotherapy, then another in the afternoon (the chemo was done for the day) and my wonderful love, who is also a REIKI USUI and UNITARY Master, performed a REIKI session at night.

I received this daily during this hospitalization, which lasted 16 days. When I left the hospital, my friends continued their care for another 5 days. I did not have any major side effects. The Unitary REIKI (sound reiki) has an additional note to vibrate the cells even more. This opens consciousness even further on the path to healing.

Now I can say that I am doing well. I was supposed to have bone marrow transplant but finally I now longer need it. I continue to receive REIKI. REIKI can lead us through great transformation in order to live better. We have to allow ourselves to live the experience that will lead us to let go of what no longer needs to be accomplished.

Thérèse G. Beaumont, Canada

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None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.