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DNA Activation by Singing®

Ten years ago a heart problem manifested itself at the auricular level as well as a high level of cholesterol and hypertension. My spiritual quest started 8 years ago with “A course in Miracles” but what really helped was actually singing to my DNA on a weekly bases, during a year and an half. I did it with so much love, devotion and surrender that without a doubt it helped my vibrations to expel all buried memories from my subconscious mind.

This allowed me to understand my experience!

Little by little, I stopped taking my medicine. I spent 3 years without seeing my cardiologist and when I did and after going through all the required tests my doctor was surprised.

My cholesterol level was normal my arteries clean and my heart problem gone.

Since he did not want to believe it and I knew him well and trusted him, I told him what I had done.

I said to him that I respected all his medical knowledge but that in order to cure someone, one had to understand the patient’s emotional background! Now, I need to focus on my lack of calcium (osteoporosis vertebras L1 and L2). I am strongly working on it and know for sure that this to will eventually be balanced!!!

Gabriela,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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