Solar Body Activation

Solar Body Activation®

A light ray emanating directly from the Great Central Sun arrived at earth. It contains the new evolutionary lines for Everything That Exists. These lines are sacred geometries: thought forms that contain the seed ideas of the Great Creator. The aim of this geometry is to align all the universe’s particles with the consciousness of the Great Central Sun, which decided upon the return of the Solar Identity.

The new frontier of consciousness for the Christic family―our new challenge―is the realisation of Solar Consciousness, strengthened by the Great Alignment.

Because of our position in the universe, we are a planet very far away from the Great Creator,which led us to undergo difficult tests going into total darkness of consciousness. Because of love. However, the most important tests bring with them major rewards that place the Earth at the centre of the next universal expansion.

Several cosmic actions are being carried out for this to occur: change in spatial trajectory, modification of the earth’s axis. The earth’s rotation accelerates to align itself with the New Magnetic Lattice that is connected to the lattice of the Local Universe, and the one of the Universe and Super Universe of belonging.

The Earth modifies its trajectory because it has a wonderful destination: to become a Star: the sun of future universes, the relay star of the Great Central Sun.

Around the Earth galactic fraternities join us irradiating and supporting us; from inside the Earthhigh vibration beings sustain this process and on Earth, together with the resident humanity, there is a group of beings specialised in difficult procedures: OURSELVES, the old souls or cosmic intervention team.

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