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Quantum Biology

Quantum Biology®

Quantum Biology®  is a technique created and taught by Gabriela Gomez.

With it you can: 

1/ Receive the sessions  in person or by Skype (Private Sessions) and live a powerful process of personal transformation through the protocols of the technique.

2/ Take the training  online in private with Gabriela (Online Courses) or in person in the scheduled courses (Events)  and become a practitioner by offering individual sessions to your consultants (you will not be able to teach the technique) You will receive scientific and spiritual information about the Quantum Biology®

Quantum Biology®  is a 2 day New Energy training course. During the workshop you will receive a manual, a CD and a diploma, which will allow you to practice as a professional. You will be able to offer a protocols or sessions to your friends or clients

“The body’s physical appearance is determined
by the quantity of light contained in each body”

All life is surrounded by a field of energy which provides the energy it needs to exist. So are humans.

This energy field consists of a set of subtle bodies called lower vehicles who, in their original design, were created to keep the physical body in a constant state of health, youth and strength. The Universal energy enters through doors called chakras and is distributed into the subtle bodies one after the other until it enters the biology. The natural emanation of these bodies form a protective membrane, a light channel which protects the biology. This is called the Superluminal body.

The more light bodies contain, the more energy arrives into the physical body, into the cells. This allows them to develop their replication functions without mutations, nor genetic alterations. When the electrons vibrate at a slower pace in the physical body, they attract less energy from the I AM Presence. The lack of energy brings upon mutations in the replication of the cells, which produces anomalies which lead to aging, illness and death.


What do the cells need to live? 

They need Light

Why do they not get enough light? Because the lower bodies have densified. They contain the memories of all thoughts, feelings, words and actions of all our lives.

What is the natural light source of the divine human?

The I AM Presence

Gradually we have identified with the frequency of the 3D character we created in the incarnation, leaving our Essence, which is our I AM Presence, behind. In dismissing it, we have forgotten our Personal Energy Source. This is why we age, fall ill and die.

The scientific vision:

The key lies in…

– Telomeres and telomerase: Telomeres allow the correct replication of genetic material. The telomerase is the enzyme that enables the growth of telomeres. This enzyme deactivates shortly before birth. During each cellular replication the telomeres shrink. The smaller they are, the more likely copy errors are to occur. Therefore, aging is not due to cellular “use”, but to the shrinking of the telomeres.

– The growth hormone: HGH also called somatotropin hormone stimulates human growth, reproduction and regeneration.

– Stem cells: When stem cells divide, they can make copies of themselves and other types of cells called differentiated cells. Their mission is to repair the tissues and to replace the cells that die daily. The stem cells are like our own army of miniature doctors.

– Epigenetics: Refers to the study of modifications in the gene expression that do not obey to an alteration of the DNA sequence and that are inheritable. Some of these modifications are caused by environmental factors, shocks and emotional traumas which can alter one or several genes.

Where do the two visions unite?

They unite in the need to take care of the body as a  treasure. Science as well as spirituality have found that the most precious wealth lies in our physical well-being: healthy eating, exercising, meditating, relaxing; the greater the physical well-being, the greater the emotional and mental well-being. The stress hormone cortisol is the main enemy of telomeres, HGH, cells and the epigenome.

Stress is caused on the one hand by the lifestyle we live

and on the other by karmic and Akashic loads

To rejuvenate, we therefore need to work from both visions:

The scientific and the spiritual

Quantum Biology® is a training that offers a series of study modules with precise protocols to restore joy and vitality in the body. The very first: Cell Rejuvenation Protocol generates a profound awareness of the relationship between the energy body and the state of health. This protocol is based on certain frequencies which accelerate the vibration of the electrons of the cell nucleus, thus raising the vibrational frequency, attracting more light and energy to our hole Being.

Supporting material for the practitionner

Supporting material for the participant
  • Cd
  • Manual
  • Certificate

Private Sessions with Gabriela

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None of my techniques replace medical treatments. Please consult your doctor in addition to the complementary therapy you receive.