In 1987, when the Harmonic Convergence, humanity’s group consciousness was consulted as to the future of the planet, there were at least two possibilities: one was moving towards what many clairvoyants had predicted for the year 2000: the Armageddon or destruction of the planet. Another was a change in paradigm and the commencement of a new era for Humanity. Together we chose the latter and the passing of the torch began to anchor New Energy on the planet energy of Unity and Universality.


The New Energy instigated the birth of a New Earth.  How? By changing the Cosmic Lattice. The cosmic lattice is a network of communication with human DNA. It was created with this purpose by ourselves, well before we populated the earth. The balance between light (consciousness) and darkness (unconsciousness) of the lattice was radically altered so that our DNA receives masterly energy. The energy body of the planet transformed to sustain more consciousness and with this the New or Universal Human began to be born aware of their spiritual and universal origin. 

The New or Universal Human in turn needed to modify and boost their energy anatomy as bearing more than your own light is equivalent to an energy increase of 110 W to 220 W. The New Human was given an Individual Lattice that is currently evolving and continues to grow as we are capable of sustaining more light. 

Communication was re-established between man and the universe and the possibility of recovering our memories and our power are today available to anyone who chooses this.