Quantum Healing

From our incursions into the subject we have experienced divisions for aeons. We divide into thousands of parts, thousands of portions of consciousness. We did so out of love, experienced by and on behalf of the Supreme Creator. Today, these multidimensional parts of our being are coming together again, recovering unity, totality.

What is disease? Cells which are “out of tune”. This is the absence of information or communication within a given system: information on cells’ own function does not reach diseased cells within the body which activates biochemical signals that create pathological lesions. What causes disease?: there are hereditary, genetic reasons, environmental impacts on the electromagnetic field, solar radiation, karmic or contractual reasons. In New Energy everything can change when we remember how to mould the divine matrix, because we are creators: our DNA is sensitive to intention and consciousness of the enlightened human being and responds to this immediately.

Time and space are in a quantum state, that is, everything I was, am and will be is found within my energy field. Quantum healing consists of replacing frequencies. For example, if at the present moment I have contracted a disease, the frequency I had when I was healthy still remains in my energy field: I can ask my Higher SELF to search for this frequency in my vibratory memories and replace it for the present one, thereby restoring my health.

Private Sessions with Gabriela

Gabriela Gomez is a musician, professional singer and composer. Her life journey has brought her from the world of music to the
world of vibratory healing. She created the seminars; DNA Activation by Singing®, Solar Body Activation® and the training courses: Quantum DNA Technique®, Pineal Gland Activation, Quantum Biology® and Solar Being Awakening®. She is also Unitary Reiki, the Reiki of SOUND® Master Teacher